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Please see the Dream View Chalet guest book for more details.


Heat:  The thermostat is located on the back wall in the living room.  It is the round device that is attached to the wall.  There is no off-on switch on the thermostat, just turn the dial to the desired temperature.  It is usually set at 50 degrees when the house is vacant, then should be set no higher than 68 degrees when occupied.  Leaving the ceiling fans on will keep the house more comfortable.  Prior to departure, please turn the thermostat back to 50 degrees.  DO NOT TURN IT OFF.  Please also turn off all electric wall heaters located in each bedroom.   Keep the door to the basement bedroom closed at all times to retain heat in that room. 

Fireplaces:  This house has gas logs in the living and master bedroom with an instruction card located near each of these.  They are on a thermostat and go on/off intermittently.  Please read section 9 in the Dream View Chalet Guest Book regarding their use. 

Garage Door:  Please keep the garage door closed at all times.  Keeping this door open in cold weather will result in the plumbing freezing under the kitchen leading to serious damage.  Any damage from frozen pipes will be charged to the renter. 

Television and Satellite:  Use the Direct TV remote to both turn on the TV and the receiver on all TV’s.  There are two programmed sets of channels:  Favorites and Sports XM.  The TV in the living room is connected to a surround sound system.  Please refer to the Section 15 in the Dream View Chalet Guest Book for more details on how to operate these systems. 

Cleaning:  Daily maid service is not provided, but can be provided for an additional charge.  Stays of one month or longer include a 2 hour cleaning every two weeks.  Upon departure, place all sheets and bath linen in the entry hall area on the tile floor. 

Kitchen:  The kitchen is fully equipped with pots, pans, dishes, glassware, coffeemaker, and all appliances.  There is a “community condiment” shelf in the corner that guests are free to use and replaced as needed.  There may be a supply of dishwashing detergent, paper towels, toilet paper, garbage bags and laundry detergent which guests are free to use but replace as needed.  All dishes should be washed and placed back on the shelves prior to departure.

Garbage:  Garbage pickup is only one day a week, early Monday morning.  Please leave food wastes in the house or garage until Sunday evening to avoid wild animals damaging the trash cans and their holders as they try to get in.  Be sure the lids are closed and locked after putting trash in the cans.  Take any excess trash across from Fred’s at the public facility. 

Sewer Pump:  This home has a sewer pump, therefore do not flush anything other than a reasonable amount of toilet paper or serious damage to the system could occur.  DO NOT POUR GREASE IN THE SINK.  Any damage to the sewer pump from improper use will be yours to pay. 

Gas Grill:  The grill is located on the front deck and must be moved away from the house prior to use.  An extra tank is located in the garage. 

Outdoor Furniture:  The wooden deck furniture should be stored on the lower deck during the winter or whenever there are strong winds due to the potential damage to the glass rails on the upper deck.   Do not remove the furniture after it has been secured for the winter season. 

Windows:  It is critically important that all windows and doors are shut and locked TIGHTLY whenever anyone leaves the house or at the first sign of any precipitation.  Water intrusion has caused serious damage to this house costing a great deal to repair.  Especially important is the window in the master bedroom to the right of the fireplace.  It is hard to close so be sure it is properly closed and locked if you open it.   Any damages as a result to windows and doors being left open will be yours to pay.



  • Wash all dishes and replace in the cabinets. 
  • Remove any coffee grounds from coffee maker.
  • Collect trash from trash cans in the house and take to the public facility across from Fred’s. 
  • Place all bed and bath linen on the tile floor in the hall in front of the washer and dryer. 
  • Unplug toaster oven in kitchen.
  • Unplug electric heaters in bathrooms.
  • Unplug front yard landscape lighting if they have been on.
  • Turn off the dehumidifier in the basement bedroom if you turned it on. 
  • Turn off all electric wall heaters in the bedroom.
  • In the winter when it is extremely cold, turn the ceiling heater on in the basement bathroom setting it to 50 degrees and close the bathroom door. 
  • Turn the main thermostat in the living room down to 50 degrees upon leaving.
  • Place garage door opener on the kitchen counter.
  • Check that all windows and doors are closed tightly and locked. 



Cindy Porter at Emerald Mountain: (828) 387-2000  or 387-2203 or 387-0124    Dream View Chalet Main Number:  (919) 606-9324




Q:  Are there any convenient restaurants?
A:  One of the great advantages of the location of Dream View Chalet is the greater variety of restaurants and other activities nearby.  Located equidistant between Linville, Pineola and Newland, all three towns have a number of dining options. 



  • Esseola Lodge                                      $$$$     Ultra high-end (see below)

175 Linville Avenue                                            “off the chart” good
Linville, NC  (828) 733-4311                                highly recommended if you have the money


In the summer, the Esseola Lodge has a seafood buffet on Thursday nights that is on par with some of the finest restaurants in New York or anywhere else in the world.  The high quality of the seafood and variety is stunning as is the presentation with ice sculptures and incredible floral arrangements.  With a base rate of about $65/person, most people will spend about $100/person when it’s all over, which isn’t that terribly expensive compared to other high-end restaurants.  Reservations are required and men must wear a jacket. 


  • Old Hampton Store and BBQ                 $          Basic sandwiches and BBQ

77 Ruffin Street

Linville, NC  (828) 733-5213


  • Tartan Restaurant

31 Coffey Road

Linville, NC   (828) 733-0779



  • Los Arcoiris Mexican Restaurant             $        Typical Mexican

300 Jonas Ridge Hwy (NC 180)

Pineola, NC   (828) 733-4341



  • Fabio’s Restaurant                                $$         Home-style basic Italian

106 Pineola Street                                                        

Newland, NC   (828) 733-1314


  • San Dee's Cafe                                     $

412 Pineola Street

Newland, NC 28657 (828) 733-0441


  • Dragon Palace                                      $           Chinese

1195 Millers Gap Hwy                                         unexpectedly good

Newland, NC 28657  (828) 733-5068



  • Nick’s Restaurant and Pub                     $          Best Reuben & fries ever

4527 Tynecastle Hwy

Banner Elk, NC  (828) 898-9613



  • Banner Elk Café                                    $$       Simple café food

324 Shawneehaw Ave. (NC 184)                  good
Banner Elk, NC  (828) 898-4040


  • Dunn’s Deli                                           $          Deli food     

134 W. Main Street                                            very good
Banner Elk, NC  (828) 898-6731


  • Louisiana Purchase                               $$$       Cajun and French

397 Shawneehaw Ave (NC 184)                          extremely good
Banner Elk, NC  (828) 898-5656                          highly recommended


  • Sorrento’s Bistro                                   $$         Italian

146 E. Main Street, Suite 107                             very good
Banner Elk, NC  (828) 898-5214     

  • Stone Walls                                          $$$       Steaks, seafood

344 Shawneehaw Ave (NC 184)                            good - overpriced
Banner Elk, NC  (828) 898-5550   


  • Zuzda                                                   $$$      Tapas

Main St. West                                                   extremely good – overpriced for portions

Banner Elk, NC  (828) 898-4166                            highly recommended



Q:  Are there trails for hiking?

A:  There are many great hiking trails located all along the Blue Ridge Parkway and near the many parks in the area. A very popular trail spot is at the Moses H. Cone Julian Price Memorial Park. You can hike on trails like the Boone Fork Loop Trail, the Tanawha Trail, and the many carriage trails within the park.

On the parkway, moving closer to Grandfather Mountain and the Linville area, there are also many popular hikes. In this area you can hike the Linville Falls Trail and see the upper part of Linville Falls and the gorge as the river runs through it. On Grandfather Mountain there are many well-maintained hiking trails that are mostly for more experienced hikers. On these trails, hikers must hike over cliff-faces that lead to Grandfather’s three highest peaks. These trails are a great way to see miles and miles of views of the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains.


Q:  How close is the nearest grocery store?

  • Lowe’s Food – More Upscale

4000 Hwy 105
Banner Elk, NC  (828) 898-9565
Intersection 184 and 105




We recognize the value of the companionship of our pets, but are also practical in terms of recognizing the risks they pose as well.  Our pet policy is one that we feel will provide the greatest protection for the property and its contents while offering guests the ability to have their furry loved ones with them while on vacation.  Specific rules apply to qualify for this privilege:

  1. Anyone who requests to bring their pet must submit information on the type of pet, breed, weight, and temperament. 
  2. Pets are limited to dogs and cats only.
  3. Pets are expected to be well groomed and free of fleas. 
  4. The weight limit for dogs is 50 lbs.
  5. No more than two pets are allowed at one time. 
  6. Cats are discouraged unless de-clawed and are not of a long hair variety.
  7. A “Pet Request Form” must be completed and submitted prior to completion of the Rental Contract. 
  8. There is a non-refundable $50 pet fee for any pet requests. 
  9. If the pet(s) is accepted, there is a $500 pet deposit due with submission of the Security Deposit 90 days before arrival.
  10. The pet deposit will be refunded upon satisfactory inspection by the housekeeping team after departure. 
  11. A lint brush is provided and we ask renters to go over the carpet and furniture to remove any obviously visible animal hair prior to departure.  
  12. If animal hair is found on furniture or the floors, if there are any scratch marks on the floor or walls, if there is evidence of any picking of furniture by claws, if it is determined that fleas are present in the house, or if there is any damage at all that could be attributed to an animal, then the full pet deposit will be forfeited.  In addition, the security deposit will be withheld until all cleaning and repairs are completed.  If charges for this cleaning and repair are less than the total of the pet and security deposit, then a refund for the difference will be provided.  If the charges exceed the total of these deposits, then the guest will receive a bill for any additional expenses required to bring the house back to the condition in which it was prior to the rental. 

After a thorough inspection of the residence by the cleaning staff following departure, if all furnishings and property appear to be in their original state prior to the rental, the $500 Pet Deposit will be returned within a period of thirty (30) days. 

Be aware that the cleaning staff, owner, or their respective representatives may enter the Premises during reasonable hours to inspect the property for any reason including to determine if there has been compliance with the pet policy.  If it is determined that a pet has been brought to the house without payment of a pet deposit or pet fee, then guests will be asked to leave the property immediately and will not receive a refund of any monies paid.  Please be upfront about your pets and pay the appropriate fees to ensure that your stay is both enjoyable and memorable.   



Access to The Beach Mountain Club is available for guests at Dream View Chalet for golf, swimming and tennis.  Guests are required to complete an “Unaccompanied Guest Application” form and it must be signed by the owner/member.  This form and additional information is located below.  Be aware that these forms must be submitted 72 hours prior to arrival so anyone interested in club access must give the Dream View Chalet office notice well in advance.  There is no printer at the house so you will need to bring these forms with you. 


Guest Information (PDF)

Guest Forms (PDF)